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Our Cork Accessories: CoolCorC utlizes the best of cork fabric to create our durable, water resistant fashion accessories. Our cork fabric has been described as feeling like "buttery leather" but without harming animal or tree. Cork fabric is water, stain and scratch resistant and our neutral cork patterns along with our versatile designs make our products perfect for any outfit and any time of year.

Our Cup Sleeves: CoolCorC utilizes cork to make a superior insulative cup sleeve for hot or cold beverages that protects your customers' hands and the environment. Cork is the ultimate natural insulator with a richly textured surface that allows a firm, safe grip and not one single tree is cut down to harvest it!

• The CoolCorC sleeve protects your customers' hands while it provides the sense of higher product quality through its material richness.
• The CoolCorC sleeve allows your customers' to hold in their hands proof of your commitment to the environment.
• The CoolCorC Sleeve insulates better than paper sleeves
• Every sleeve claims to be the best insulating. We wanted to prove it. Click here to see a Thermal Image Comparison.

Cork Fashion Accessories: Our cork accessories are made from the finest cork fabric and are durable, water resistant and stain resistant.

Assembled CoolCorC Sleeve The large assembled sleeve: $54.95 per case + shipping and handling
Convenience Convenience Convenience!
These sleeves come already formed to fit most cup sizes from a 10 ounce to a 20 ounce. Just slip it on the cup and enjoy walking around without a burnt hand!
CoolCorC Coasters! Only $29.95 for a box of 500 - order more and save more!