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We adore what our customers have to say about our cork cup sleeves.

We LOVE what our customers clients have to say about CoolCorC cork cup sleeves:

 "I will travel back for the cork cup sleeves [. . .] which totally stole the show. Wow, these were way more comfortable than cardboard. I now regret now keeping it."

- via FoodMayhem about Ella Cafe; Brooklyn, New York


 "The delivery was slick, love the cork cup sleeves."

- via Yelp! about Hi Tea; Chicago, Illinois


 "I love that they use cork cup sleeves for the cups instead of paper - very cool!"

- via Yelp! about The Bucktown Beanery; Chicago, Illinois


 "The interior is something special. There is a little bit of brick, but everything else is wood; the walls, the tables, even the beverage sleeves are made of cork."

- via Yelp! about Mojo Coffee; New York, New York

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