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What is cork?  

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Long used by the wine industry to seal their bottles cork is also used with push pins to hold notes. For more detailed information, please see our About Cork page.


Isn’t cork endangered? 

Cork cannot be endangered if it is being utilized. The cork oak tree is different from other trees in its harvesting because it is the bark of the tree. The bark naturally falls off, however humans have been cultivating it – peeling it by hand - for thousands of years.  Once peeled the bark grows back in 7 to 9 years ready to be harvested again. This cyclical harvesting helps to protect the cork forests, maintain the diverse ecosystem a number of endangered animals call home, and support the livelihood of tens of thousands of families across the Mediterranean and China. Cork is truly a renewable material and its harvesting has a minimal carbon footprint.


Cork will be endangered if we discontinue using it. The non-utilization of cork makes it less valuable and therefore the forests less valuable. If the forests are less valuable they maybe cut down to make way for more profitable agriculture or even to plant trees used for paper. The cork forest is home to many endangered animals and is a truly diverse and unique ecosystem. To remove the forest would remove the economy of many towns and cities, not to mention the permanent removal of unique animals.

We must also remember that as a tree the cork oak tree helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. 


What are the benefits of cork?  

 Cork is a versatile and under-rated material – but CoolCorC is changing all that. Cork is hypoallergenic, waterproof, stain resistant, highly insulative, biodegradable and beautiful. These are many reasons to rethink how cork is used and CoolCorC is doing just that!

For example, our assembled cork cup sleeves insulate incredibly well and are biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic. Our cork fabric accessories are naturally water, stain and scratch resistant because they are made of cork fabric. Our cork fabric accessories are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. In the unlikely event you encounter a stubborn stain, try a product like a "magic eraser" or something similar. 

How do CoolCorC assembled cork cup sleeves insulate so well?

Cork! Our sleeves are made entirely out of cork which is highly insulative. Click here to see just how great the CoolCorC cup sleeve works.

What do you mean by saying your assembled cork sleeves are "biodegradable"? 

Because cork is bark it will naturally degrade over time.  Just like fallen trees or leaves in a forest degrade so will cork bark.

What is the difference between the CoolCorC disposable and reusable sleeve?

The disposable sleeve is intended for single use however with gently use it can be used for many more.  The reusable sleeve is intended for everyday use – it is more durable than the disposable sleeve. Plus, the reusable sleeve utilizes cork fabric - it is similar in texture as leather but comes from a tree!

Is cork fabric for real?

Yep! We utilize cork fabric in all of our accessories. The process is a trade secret - however, a thin shaving of cork is adhered to a cotton fabric backing. Cork fabric is durable and supple while maintaining the wonderful characteristics of cork: water resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant.

 What is the minimum order for disposable sleeves?

Minimum orders for the CoolCorC assembled disposable sleeves are 1 box (960 sleeves). Please contact us for information on minimum orders for our reusable sleeves - jessica @ coolcorc . com 

I like your cork fabric accessories, but want them customized with my logo. Can you do that?

Any of our cork products are available for branding. Please contact us for your custom order.

If we have not answered your question or you would like more information on our products or custom orders, please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it