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CoolCorC is an eco-friendly cup sleeve that works. 

Created by the architects of Architects Wright, the CoolCorC cork cup sleeve overcomes the primary design problems of hot beverage containers: the material and structure. Paper does not insulate and expanded plastics (foam) are bad for the environment. The structure of air insulated cups cannot withstand the stress of being held, compressing the air and removing its insulative value. 

These issues keep some baristas from pouring coffee and tea at proper temperatures for the sake of their customers' comfort and neither solution (paper or foam) is aesthetically appealing.

We came up with a better solution: Cork 

Cork is most sustainable natural insulator on the planet, and its internal structure holds up to being compressed.  It has been used to insulate freezers and seal engine components.  It is also one of the most sustainable products on the planet.  It has a material richness that is both visually and tactilely appealing. For these reasons we offer CoolCorC eco-friendly cork cup sleeves to you so you can offer your customers a better coffee and tea experience. 

CoolCorC disposable cork cup sleeves will fit 10 oz to 20 oz cups. CoolCorC offers our disposable cork cup sleeves assembled. 

Have questions? Contact Jessica : jessica [at] coolcorc [dot] com

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